Henry's Interception Seals The Deal In Varsity Football Win Against Capo Valley
9/22/2014 9:13 PM
The Lions' first touchdown came after a missed field goal by Capistrano Valley when Linfield's QB Lorenzo Burns ran for an 80 yard touchdown.

The Lions were down by 4 and it looked like Capistrano Valley was going to go up by 7 points. They missed a field goal late in the fourth quarter and gave the Lions a chance to win the game. On the very next play, the Lions' QB Burns took the snap and eluded the two blitzing outside linebackers up the middle and up the sideline for 80 yards to give them the 24-21 lead. 

On the Eagles' attempt at a game winning drive, they made no progress due to a few penalties. The nail in the coffin was when S John Henry made the game winning interception. 

The Lions will move to 2-2 and play Mission Prep next week at home. 

Capistrano Valley's RB/CB Daniel Herbert also scored a touchdown earlier in the game off of an interception by Lions QB Travis Lau. Herbert additionally added a 17-yard touchdown reception from QB Riley Babick. Babick also set up a short touchdown run with a 48-yard pass to take the Eagles inside the 10-yard line.

Greg Holt scored for the Lions on a fumble recovery which he scooped and returned to the end zone. Lorenzo Burns also scrambled for 67 yards to score a touchdown. 
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