Lions Run Out of Time Against Poly
9/14/2014 9:22 PM
The Linfield Lions looked to build on their win last Friday against Adelanto with another win this week against the Pasadena Polytechnic Panthers. The Lions traveled up to Pasadena early for an afternoon game in the scorching heat. The Panthers came into this game following two huge wins by a combined margin of 101 points but Linfield looked to knock them off. 

The game started off with the Panthers receiving the ball. They started early by creating a big drive, picking up first down after first down with big runs. They finished the drive with a 24-yard touchdown run by RB Griffin Carter who emerged from the line and busted into the end zone. 

The Lions' next drive was a three and out and they were immediately forced to punt back to the Panthers. Pasadena Poly picked up where they left off with big runs but were immediately interrupted when S Michael Brown intercepted a QB pass and took inside the thirty. RB Greg Holt ran the ball inside the five and RB RyeZeir Wilkins punched it in for the touchdown. 

The very next drive, QB Parker Mathews threw another interception to Brown who almost scored on the return. Wilkins capitalized on the turnover by taking the handoff to the right side then cutting back towards the middle of the field and galloped through the defense to the end zone. 

The Lions kept this momentum going by forcing a quick punt, resulting in another touchdown. On the ensuing play, QB Lorenzo Burns ran towards the sideline and shifted it into another gear, bursting away with the ball until he was pushed out at the one yard line. RB Holt smashed the ball through the line for the score. The Lions suddenly jumped to a 20 to 7 lead. 

Pasadena Poly managed to find their groove again when they recreated their first drive by faking handoffs and calling misdirection runs keeping the Lions defense on their heels. They finished their drive with a touchdown decreasing the lead. Linfield built on this by taking the ball down to the Panthers 30-yard line and were faced with a fourth down. They lined up for a field goal but Coach Burns called a timeout to reconsider. The Lions opted to go for it and QB Burns connected with wide-open TE Taylor Lau for a 30-yard touchdown pass.

Linfield looked like they were going into the half with a 13 point lead but Pasadena's RB Carter had a different plan. He carried a handoff 62 yards setting up for a magnificent touchdown pass from QB Mathews who threw up a jump ball to WR Porter Vince who came down with it. The Panthers grabbed all the momentum right before the half and would continue this streak in the second half. 

This momentum was in the Panthers' favor early in the second half when they sacked QB Burns and stripped the ball to give them great field goal position. A few possessions were traded back and forth and Pasadena finally decided to take a stride when they took advantage of a poor punt and RB Carter ran another touchdown in, his second of the day. On the following kickoff, the Panthers' kicker line drived it into the shins of a Lion player and it bounced back directly in the arms of Pasadena. They hammered away at the Lion defense again by running the ball down field. They failed to score a touchdown but got a field goal to take the lead 30 to 27. 

Linfield had one last chance but ran out of downs when their receivers failed to catch necessary passes. The Lions dropped their second game of the season and are looking to get back on track when they play at Capistrano Valley next week. 
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