Freshman Blue vs Cedarburg
6/29/2014 2:04 PM

The Mukwonago Indians Freshman jumped out to an early lead on Cedarburg and captured a 20-6 victory on Friday at Park View.

The game was decided quickly as the Mukwonago Indians Freshman exerted their will early with 16 runs in the first three innings.

An RBI double by Zach Genrich, an RBI double by Austen Ikeler, and a bases loaded walk by Andy Christiansen in the first inning and an RBI double by Zach Genrich, a two-run double by Scott Johnson, a two-run double by Zach Dybul, a fielder's choice, a walk by Zach Genrich, a hit by pitch, an RBI single by Connor Anonich, and a walk by Austen during the second inning fueled the Mukwonago Indians Freshman's offense early.

Zach Genrich had three extra-base hits for the Mukwonago Indians Freshman.

The Mukwonago Indians Freshman pounded Cedarburg pitching, as eight hitters combined for 14 hits, 16 RBIs and 18 runs scored.

It didn't take long for the Mukwonago Indians Freshman to answer as they scored 10 runs of their own in the second.

After a quick strike from Cedarburg, the Mukwonago Indians Freshman responded with three runs in the third. The Mukwonago Indians Freshman scored on a two-run triple by TJ Jacobi.

The Mukwonago Indians Freshman quickly matched Cedarburg's strong inning with a four-run inning of their own in the fourth. The Mukwonago Indians Freshman scored on a hit by pitch, a passed ball, an RBI single by Nathan Jendusa, and a walk by Scott.

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