• Hilton Cadets Varsity

    Steven Sorensen - Head Coach

    Dan Hayward - Coach
    Pam Stadtmiller - Coach

    Hilton Cadets Girls Varsity Soccer Team

  • Hilton Cadets Junior Varsity

    Pam Stadtmiller - Head Coach

    Steven Sorensen - Coach

    Hitlon Cadets Girls Junior Varsity Soccer

  • Hilton Cadets Modified A

    Daniel Johnson - Head Coach

    Steven Sorensen - Coach

    Hilton Cadets Girls Modified A Soccer

  • Hilton Cadets Modified B

    Pete Mascadri - Head Coach

    Steven Sorensen - Coach

    Hilton Cadets Modified B Girls Soccer


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No game scores entered yet.
  • Five Star Investments
  • Bearshire Restaurant at Braemar Country Club
  • Flight West
  • Flower City Printing
  • Hilton Family Restaurant
  • Lisa Matthews of Keller Williams Reality
  • Key Bank
  • Kistler Incorporated
  • Markson's Furniture
  • William Spelman Executive Search
  • Hilton Girls Soccer Booster, Inc.
  • Deb McGwin Photo and Design