About LCS Athletics


The vision of Linfield Christian School is to produce students who will always be dedicated to serving the Lord for His glory and willing to influence their world through their love of learning, values, character, and leadership.


Linfield Christian School is an independent college preparatory school that exists to challenge boys and girls and young men and women:

1. To know Jesus Christ as Lord

2. To love others as themselves

3. To grow in knowledge and skill

In order that they may serve the Lord and the world through their character and leadership.


Our vision is to build Champions for Christ, Champions for life. 


Linfield Christian School Athletics is committed to cultivating a culture of achievement and respect, one that is unified and motivated by our value of character, community, and championships. As a department, we seek to challenge students to:

  • (Character) Develop Christ-centered character traits so that it will lead to personal growth.
  • (Community) Learn how to work with others as a team in pursuit of a common goal so that they can perform and adhere to codes of fairness and respect for all.

  • (Championships) Embrace self-discipline so that it will allow one to take their talents to the highest levels of performance

In order that they may be victorious in their athletic and life pursuits. 

  • Dr. Carmelita Sy-Prudencio General Dentistry & Orthodontics
  • Pesh & Petrol Orthodontics
  • Dr. Kenneth B. Whitworth Innovative Implant & Oral Surgery Center
  • DC Gymnastics & Tumbling
  • Dr. Tal D. Jergensen Miles of Smiles Orthodontics for Children & Adults
  • Beyond the Front Door Interior Design
  • Arlene Whitmore Photography
  • Aquahydrate
  • PowerICE
  • International E-Z UP, Inc.
  • Catalina Spas
  • Dearborn West, LLC Franchise Development
  • Sexton Advisory Group
  • Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac
  • Corman Leigh Companies
  • Nucanoe
  • Nucanoe
  • Crossfit Incinerator
  • JEC Electric
  • Prudhomme Associates CPAs
  • Lake Elsinore Ford
  • Dr. Mark L. Pledger, DDS