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Freshman Blue vs Arrowhead
Author: Coach Setz
TJ Jacobi was untouchable on Saturday, throwing a no-hitter in the Mukwonago Indians Freshman's 7-0 victory over Arrowhead. No Arrowhead batter was able to locate TJ's pitches during the game. TJ threw a no-hitter, striking out two batters and wal
Freshman Blue vs Cedarburg
Author: Coach Setz
The Mukwonago Indians Freshman jumped out to an early lead on Cedarburg and captured a 20-6 victory on Friday at Park View. The game was decided quickly as the Mukwonago Indians Freshman exerted their will early with 16 runs in the first three in
Freshman Blue vs Waukesha West
Author: Coach Setz
The Mukwonago Indians Freshman refused to relinquish the lead after grabbing it early against Waukesha West, recording a 12-2 victory on Thursday at Park View. With eight runs in the first three innings, the Mukwonago Indians Freshman left no dou