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Varsity vs Waukesha West
Author: Coach Setz
The Mukwonago Indians Varsity fell victim to a walk-off single in the bottom of the eleventh inning on Thursday, handing Waukesha West a 5-4 win at West HS. With the score tied at four, Walker came to the plate and singled, bringing home #14. Ale
Varsity vs Kettle Moraine
Author: Coach Setz
Noah Sadler went 1-1 as the Mukwonago Indians Varsity took home a 6-1 victory over Kettle Moraine in seven innings at Mukwonago High School on Tuesday. He doubled in the first inning. Kettle Moraine couldn't get anything going so long as Brandon Pa
Varsity vs Muskego
Author: Coach Setz
Kyle Baron both hit and pitched well for the Mukwonago Indians Varsity, but it wasn't enough as the Mukwonago Indians Varsity fell to Muskego 5-4 at Mukwonago High School on Monday. It was a good day at the plate for the Mukwonago Indians Varsity's