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Zach and Clay at Shrine Dinner.  Strong Legs Run So Weak Legs May Walk
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Zach Smith 2015 Shrine Bowl
Author: RC
Congratulations To ZACH SMITH 2015 SHRINE BOWL Saturday Aug 1, 2015
ANNOUNCEMENT: Blue Gold Scrimmage
It's Football Season! Blue Gold Scrimmage Aug 23, 2014 7pm at Ward Rhoden Stadium Come celebrate with us the beginning of a new season. Come see the players and enjoy a BBQ. Cost $5  See a player for tickets
ANNOUNCEMENT: Pig Skin Camp and Daily Doubles starting
Times and Dates for Camp and Daily Doubles Pig skin camp August 11-14     Grades 2-5     4-6 pm Grades 9-12   6:30--8:30 pm Daily Doubles Freshman:---Will have a single practice from 3:30--6:1
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