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First Day of Try-Outs

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Daniel Johnson 9/26/2016

"Our first full week with games is complete. A nice 3-0 week was well earned. Very proud of these girls!!! A thank you goes out to the Manetta's for hosting all of us Friday night. I am extremely impressed with the amount of cookies and candy 25 girls can eat. Thanks to everyone who helped out and/or brought something. It was a lot of fun. We play Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday this week. I have inquired two weeks ago about where the Thursday game is and was told at Hilton. I then go to Rschool to input our scores and the schedule says away. I will ask again tomorrow to confirm. The food truck rodeo is on Thursday, so if we are at home that will be convenient, if we are away we will be dropped off at Merton, so we wont have to worry about the crowd. Sat is home, so 9:10 arrival would be great. Wed we have a 1/2 day, so there will be no practice. "

Daniel Johnson 9/14/2016

"Hi everyone, meet the coaches night is Thursday 9-15 @6:00 @ high school aud. Friday's practice is at the High school, it is our Program practice. The girls will be bused over. End time will be 5-5:15 Sat's scrimmage is at home, we need to be there at 9:15 Monday's scrimmage is at spencerport. First game is on wed at home. It is coming up very quickly!!! Pictures I have not received an exact date yet, but will let you know as soon as I get it. Go Cadets "

Daniel Johnson 9/28/2015

"Our home opener today! The girls did a good job Thursday and I am excited to see it continue. I have received the pink shirts and I will handing those out before the game."

Daniel Johnson 9/24/2015

"The real first game is here. The support everyone has shown is awesome. Go Cadets!!!!"

Daniel Johnson 9/15/2015

"Thanks for everyone coming to the parent meeting. Scrimmage this wed at Penfield and first game on Friday!!!"